Summertime Fun with Sunnylife

We waited through a long, cold Winter for it and we have been rewarded: Summer is finally here! The days are longer, lighter and brighter as the temperature gauge creeps up toward the 40 degree mark. Pool parties, barbecues and picnics are filling up our calendars as this truly is the season for entertaining. The beach beckons with twinkling blues and crisp whites while the baking hot sun bares down upon us, turning pale limbs to red and brown with a healthy summer glow.

Summer is the time to be outdoors and enjoy reveling in the party season. Sunnylife adds fun and flavour to any party, barbecue, picnic or beach holiday with a wide variety of games, accessories and decor all designed to make your summer the best it can be.

We’ve picked out a few favourites to help you on your way for a cocktail party, pool party or barbecue.


Cocktail Party

Ice Tray 2 Pack Flamingo


Who said ice cubes had to be cubes? It may be hip to be square, but it’s way cooler to have your ice cubes shaped like flamingos!

Pineapple String Lights


Add a bit of sweet mood lighting to your event with these fruity string lights.

Party Cups


Serve summer beverages in style with these brightly coloured cups.


Pool Party

Flamingo Inflatable


Let the little ones in on pool party action and have them float around in style.

Ping Pong Play On 


Let the games begin! Challenge your friends to a ping pong tournament at any time with this fully adjustable clip on net.

Luxe Towel


Dry off and make a fashion statement at the same time with this deluxe towel.

Inflatable Ball Watermelon


Round up some teammates for a game of volleyball.

Canvas Tote Bag


The perfect place for all your swimming essentials.



Portable BBQ


Take your barbecue on the go with this compact, portable grilling unit. Great for serving 3-4 people.

BBQ Tong and Spatula Set


Flip your burgers in style.

Paper Plate Watermelon 


Add some colour to the standard paper plate variety with these delicious watermelon plates (just make sure you don’t try to eat them too).

Citronella Candle


For night time entertaining where you don’t want uninvited guests, keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay with this pleasant-smelling candle.


Shop the whole Sunnylife collection here.

How are you entertaining this summer? Tell us in the comments below.


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