9 Ways to Add Geometric Glam to Your Home

9 Ways to Add Geometric Glam to Your Home

It’s no secret that geometric shapes and patterns have been an interior design trend for a while now. The mesmerising shapes are truly wonderful however not everyone wants to plaster their walls with geometric wallpaper. For a subtler approach, try incorporating some of these items into your home.

9 Ways to Add Geometric Glam to Your Home


1) One Duck Two Geometric Print Cushions

Throwing a cushion on your bed or sofa is the easiest way by far to add some fun geometric prints to your home.

2) Casa Domani Colori e Cortelli Geometric Knife Stand

You can’t get much cooler than the geometric patterns on the blades of these knives. The beauty of this knife set is that the storage block is constructed from clear acrylic so you can easily show off the patterns on the knives all the time!

3) Bugatti Vita Chrome Citrus Juicer

The angular edges of this electronic citrus juicer are reminiscent of a classic 1950’s car. With a distinct triangular shape, it can definitely add some geometric styling to your kitchen.

4) Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Miami Mint Dinner Set

The Cashmere Miami Mint uses a pattern inspired by the Miami Art Deco District. Art Deco styling is characterised by rich colours, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation.

5) Sunnylife Cooler Bag

Keep your drinks or picnic cool in this awesome cooler bag with funky geometric print. It’s just perfect for taking to the beach or the park.

6) Maxwell & Williams Graphique Chevron Demi Cup & Saucer Set

Although they’re only little these patterned cups pack a punch. The bold design and black and white colouring would also make them beautiful display items on a well positioned shelf.

7) Umbra Pendant Scarf Holders

Perfect for holding scarves, belts or ties, these nifty holders are a great example of geometric styling.

8) Take Away Ceramic Mug with Lid

Suitable for use inside and outside the home, these Take Away mugs have a bright design that won’t fail to cheer you up.

9) Maxwell & Williams White Basics Metrix Diamond Square Platter

Geometric shapes and colour are commonly seen together but it doesn’t have to be that way. For a subtle nod to geometric styling in your home you could try something like this white platter which is square with a diamond (also called rhombus) shaped indent.

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