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Exciting news! House is pleased to launch a brand new pets range filled with everything you need to keep your pet happy, healthy and entertained! In celebration of our new Pet items, we put together this post featuring some of our favourite products along with some tips and tricks for pet owners!

How to Fit Your Pet Collars?

When puchasing your pet a collar it is important to measure and fit the collar correctly. If a collar is too tight on your pet it can cause pain or injury. If it is too loose, your pet could potentially put their legs through it slip the collar over the head.

Dog CollarsDog collarGraphic

When fitting your dog for a collar, ensure that they are standing on all fours. You will need a measuring tape or a string to figure out the circumference of their neck. Take this measurement multiple times for accuracy. The collar should be snug but not too right. Ideally, you will be able to fit no more than two fingers inside the collar.

Keep your dog’s fur length in mind. If your dog is long haired and gets regular haircuts make sure you measure your dog right before grooming and right after.  Using these two measurements, you will want to find a collar that is adjustable and fits both of these measurements. This will ensure that no matter what length of fur, your dog will be comfortable.

There are also different collar widths available. Generally, a thicker collar will provide more support making them ideal for larger, stronger dogs. Larger dogs will find a wide collar more comfortable because it will reduce the pressure on their neck. However, as wider collars weigh more, it might not be the best option for smaller dog breeds.

If you have a puppy, you may want to try an adjustable collar. Just make sure that their current neck measurement is towards the smaller end of the scale so there is room for your puppy to grow. This way you won’t have to continually buy collars as they grow.
CollarsFrom Left to Right: Gummi Bling Black Dog Collar Large | Doog Snoopy Collar Blue & White Polkadot Medium | Dogue Bones Collar Red 32cm


We also offer a range of Harnesses from Doog. These Harnesses are made from comfy, quick-dry neoprene and reinforced with nylon meaning they are strong and will feel comfortable for your dog to wear. The Neoprene material is great for water as it dries quickly and features a natural antibacterial agent to reduce the wet dog smell. To fit your Doog Harness on your pooch, follow the instructions below.

Medium swing tag OL AWFrom From left to right: Doog Scooby Harness Candy Striped Large |  Doog Snoopy Harness Blue & White Polkdot | Doog Toto Harness Pink & Grey Polkadot

Cat Collars

Much like dogs, the correct fitting of a cat’s collar is essential for their safety. A cat’s collar should fit comfortably and secure. When it’s too loose, it’s more likely to get stuck in things and your cat may get one of their paws trapped in the collar. When it’s too snug, your cat may have a hard time swallowing. You should be able to comfortably slip onr or two fingers between the collar and the back of their neck.

Choosing The Right Dog BedDog Beds Graphic

Dog beds come is a huge variety of shapes, materials, sizes and styles so it can be difficult to know which bed will be suitable for your dog. Just like their owners, dogs have different needs when it comes to a comfortable place to sleep, so there are a few things you need to consider.

The most obvious factor is size but you may also need to consider your dog’s sleeping pattern, personality, any health issues, age and even the space is your house. A simple way to start is to measure your dog in their normal sleeping position’ then add 25cm to that measurement. You can use this new measurement as a guide for the bed size.

Pillow or Cushion Bed

This is a simple dog bed that is basically a large pillow or cushion. This choice of bed is great for dogs that enjoy sleeping sprawling out. Pillow beds are suitable for all different breeds of dogs as long as the filling is high-quality. T & S use Australian Dunlop Aussie  quality foam to make sure their beds are supportive.pillow dog bedsFrom Left to Right: T & S Interior Floor Cushion Small Frost Grey | T & S Jess Cushion Small Lux Fur 80 x 100cm | T & S Nordic Plush Cosy 95 x 95 x 28cm

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopaedic dog beds are generally filled with memory foam that responds to shapes and weights, so it can mould to the shape of your dog enabling joints, muscles and spines to rest well. Orthopaedic dog beds are great for older dogs, dogs experiencing joint pain and for thinner dogs with more prominent bones as the bed can provide extra cushioning against the floor and avoid painful pressure point.ortho beds
From Left to Right: Bone Designs Comfy Mattress Dog Bed Blue Plaid Extra Large | Bone Designs Ortho-Support Mattress Dog Bed Navy Large | T & S Slumber Pet Mat 74 x 48cm

Nesting Bed

A nesting or donut bed is circular dog bed with sides. Nesting beds are an ideal bed for dogs that like to curl up with the security of burrowing, or like resting their head on a raised pillow. Nesting beds are usually good for smaller dogs who find the bed cosy as the cup shape helps retain body beds nestFrom left to right: T & S Deluxe Round Bed 60cm Frost Grey | Kazoo Funky Coral Dog Bed Small | FuzzYard Small Pop Dog Bed Multicolour Triangles

Molly Mutt Dog Duvets

Molly Mutt produces a wide range of custom-designed pet duvets that allow you to recycle your old things and turn them into a comfy bed for your dog. Simple purchase a Molly Mutt duvet and stuff it with old clothes, towel, pillow etc. and in no time your beloved pet will have a warm and comfortable bed.

DOO-dd53c_4Made from 100% cotton canvas, Molly Mutt duvet beds are durable, machine washable and are an affordable long-lasting option. Filling the duvet with your old clothes can act as a calmer to anxious dogs as their bed will have their favourite scent, you!Molly MuttFrom left to right: Molly Mutt Title Track Dog Bed Duvet Medium | Molly Mutt Lady in Red Dog Bed Duvet Small | Molly Mutt Your Hand in Mind Dog Bed Duvet Small

For Dogs Who Like Extra Warmth

For the colder winter months, a dog blanket could be exactly what your pooch needs to snuggle up. Our range of blankets are made from soft and warm material, so your dog will feel extra loved cuddles up in one of these.

blankets From left to right: T & S Pet Blanket Fur 98 x 87cm | T & S Puppy Mink Blankets

Keeping Your Pet Entertained When You’re Away

There are a few simple and effective ways to keep your pet entertained while you’re at work or away for the day. These tips will help ease your mind and help cure your furry family member’s boredom.

Kong ToysKONGClassic_Lifestyle_69

Kong range of toys are designed to keep your pet occupied and will help to improve cognition and allow your dog to improve problem-solving skills. Use the hard rubber toy and fill it with food/peanut butter. Once your dog finds out that their toy is filled with food they will be playing for hours. Kong toys are also great for dogs that have a chewing habit. The ultra-durable rubber is made for satisfying chewing cravings so your dog won’t get restless and chew up your favourite pair of shoes while you’re not in the house.KONGFrom left to right: Kong Classic toy King | Kong Dog Wobbler Large | Kong Dog Genius Leo Large | Kong Cat Kitty Kong | Kong Cat Treat Ball | Dog Genius Mike Small

Planet Dog

Planet Dog range of toys are designed to keep your dogs occupied with their range of interactive toys. Their puzzle toys have a slot where you can add hidden kibble inside that your dog will have to use their problem-solving skills to get the treats to dispense.

Planet DogFrom left to right: Planet Dog Orbee Ruff Mazee Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Pink | Planet Dog Orbee Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Steel Medium |

Feeding Your Pet26600269_3330287

Black Hawk Cat Food

Keep your cat happy and healthy with our range of Black Hawk Cat food. Black Hawk will provide a complete and balanced meal for cats at all stages of their lives, and contains the correct nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
BlackhawkFrom Left to right: Blak Hawk Feline Chicken 1.5kg | Black Hawk Feline Grain Free Chicken 3kg | Black Hawk Feline Seafood 1.5kg

Ivory Coat Dog Food

Provide your dog with a complete and nutritionally balanced meal with our range of Ivory Coat Dog Food. Developed with veterinarians and animal nutritionist, Ivory Coat is the finest food for your growing dog’s balanced nutrition and everyday feeding, featuring: superfoods for natural antioxidants, natural prebiotics for intestinal health, vitamins and minerals for complex nutrition, and protein for lean muscle maintenanceIvory CoatFrom left to right: Ivory Coat Dog Ocean Fish Salmon 2kg | Ivory Coat Dog Treat Chewy Peanut Butter | Ivory Coat Dog Turkey & Duck 13kg

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