Small Flat Organisation & Decorating Hacks

Small flats and space have their upsides. The rent is often lower, often they are closer to the bustling area of the city, easier to clean, and possess a certain cozy charm. However, on the flip side, small flats have less space to decorate and less space to store which can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, there are some things that can be done to stylishly solve your space problem without upsizing. To get rid of the mess and get the most out of your small space, keep reading.

Go for savvy space saving kitchenware
A small flat owner knows the perils of fitting all their kitchenware into their modest sized kitchen. Think storage when it comes to your kitchenware. Can this item be folded away or will it take up valuable cupboard or bench space? Items that can be stacked into each other will save you valuable space. Think the Joseph Joseph Nest range features cleverly designed that stack together to maximise space in your cupboards and drawers while still being able to keep all the essentials.

It may also be worth buying smaller versions of the same item. For example a two slice toaster instead of a four slice or a KitchenAid Mini, or smaller coffee machine. Essentially, the smaller versions do the same thing but in smaller quantities and are more compact to save you workspace.

Take advantage of unused space
When it comes to small living spaces, storage is king. Think of all the dead space that is going wasted that could potentially free up other areas of your space so it won’t look so cluttered.  You can purchase sliding drawer to take advantage of the space under the bed, have storage boxes under the sofa and have baskets to utilise the space over cabinets.


Another great idea is to use over-the-door organisers. You can use this for anything to shoes, accessories and cleaning suppliers.

Lighten up
Add lighter tones into your space. Softer hues can make your flat feel bigger and brighter than it actually is. A fresh coat of a light coloured paint or a light coloured rug can really make your space feel roomier without costing a fortune.


Build Up
To utilise your space, think tall. When installing bookshelves, or any shelving for that matter, purchase something that will reach the ceiling. Don’t just be thinking of traditional bookshelves. You can insert floating shelves in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry if you don’t quite have the cupboard space. The more shelves means more storage space. This will also eliminate that cramped feeling you get in cluttered spaces.

Hang a Mirror
Place a mirror on the opposite side of a window. This will bounce light around the room, making your space feel airier. The bigger the mirror, the more light it will bounce around. If you can’t find the space for a mirror, you can get a similar effect from metallic items that will reflect light and brighten up a space.


Bright in a plant
Adding greenery can make smallest space seem lighter and fresher. If you don’t have any room on your floor for a plant, try hanging it instead.


The most simple and perhaps the hardest way to utilise space is to get rid of the clutter. It goes without saying that a little bit of clutter can look like a lot in a small space so even doing a little bit of uncluttering can make a huge difference. When it comes to uncluttering, be practical! Let things go that are taking up big amounts of space but are not being used. Chances are you don’t need most of the papers you are keeping, so shred them if you haven’t worn that outfit in years, donate it. Toss expired food. You will feel calmer and have more space for the important things.



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