Product Feature: Pete Evans Cookware by Baccarat

Pete Evans Cookware Healthy Everyday Baccarat

We’d like to introduce the new Pete Evans cookware range from Baccarat: Healthy Everyday!

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know who Pete Evans is. This talented chef has risen to fame and became a popular household name after appearing in several series of the hit cooking television show, My Kitchen Rules.

That’s why it’s no surprise that he has teamed up with cookware giant to bring you an exclusive new range of pans. The Pete Evans Cookware ‘Healthy Everyday’ range marries together the quality of Baccarat with expertise from internationally renowned chef, Pete Evans. It doesn’t just look great either: It performs beautifully. Each piece stands out among other similar cooking pans in the market and offers an array of features to help you create healthy meals, every day.

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Which piece of Pete Evans cookware is right for me?

The new Pete Evans cookware range is called ‘Healthy Everyday’ and each pan serves a different purpose. It’s a great idea to have the entire range in your cupboard but read on below to find out what the different pans are used for.

Pete Evans Healthy Everyday Frying Pan

With 3 different sizes, there’s a Pete Evans Healthy Everyday frying pan for any use. The sizes available are 30cm, 26cm and 20cm. The largest size is ideal for family meals and entertaining whereas the 20cm is perfect for small dishes. The Healthy Everyday frying pans are ideal for frying, browning and searing foods.

Pete Evans Cookware Frypan

Pete Evans Healthy Everyday Grill Pan

With raised ridges the grill pan was designed to mimic the act of grilling. You can’t always use the BBQ so this is the next best thing! Ridges allow fat to flow away from meat or fish and prevent it from broiling in its own juices. The Pete Evans Grill Pan is equally good for grilling veggies to let their flavour shine.

Pete Evans Cookware Healthy Everyday Grill Pan Two Image

Pete Evans Healthy Everyday Wok

This versatile, round edged cooking pan is great for many more dishes other than a stir-fry! The depth of the Pete Evans Healthy Everyday Wok means that you can use it for frying, steaming, stewing, deep-frying and boiling.Pete Evans Cookware Healthy Everyday Wok Two Image

Features of the Healthy Everyday Pete Evans Cookware Range

Each piece of Pete Evans cookware from the Healthy Everyday range has been made with care to help you live the healthiest life possible. They are made up of a cast aluminium body that has a ceramic interior coating that is PFOA free. The hard-wearing exterior coating of the pan ensures longevity and the HEATFLEX® induction plate works with all stove tops.

✓ Environmentally friendly – made with a process that is kind to the environment.

✓ PFOA and PTFE free – the ceramic interior is chemical-free with no PFOA or PTFE. Both of these compounds are potentially harmful to your health.

Lead and Cadmium free – offers a safer choice for you and your family by excluding toxic materials.

Reduced cooking time – Even heat distribution cuts down cooking time.

Easy to clean –  non-stick coating prevents ingredients from sticking to the pan.

Long lasting – ceramic interior is durable and the aluminium body and exterior coating are hard wearing.

Ergonomic design –  handles have stay-cool technology and soft-touch inserts making the cookware comfortable to hold.

Lifetime guarantee – Baccarat offers a lifetime guarantee on their Healthy Everyday cookware pans. Consult Baccarat for further details

Pete Evans Cookware Healthy Everyday Pan Composition

Taking care of Your Pete Evans Cookware

Before using

Pete Evans Healthy Everyday cookware needs to be preconditioned before use. This will set up the pan so you are ready to cook away like a pro!

1) Add a few drops of cooking oil to the inside of your pan.

2) Using paper towel or a cloth wipe the oil around around ensuring the entire surface is lightly coated.

3) Wipe of any excess oil and your pan is ready to go.

During use

Applying a few drops of oil to the pan before use will ensure that food does not stick. DO NOT use spray oil as this can leave a residue that ruins the surface of your pan.

Use low to medium heat when cooking to maximise efficiency. Lower temps also keep your food’s natural moisture and flavours intact. High heat should only be used for a short period of time to sear food.

After Use

Although the Healthy Everyday cookware is dishwasher-safe, we recommend hand-washing your pans. Washing your cookware by hand in warm soapy water is the best way to prolong the life of your pan. Of course, you should also avoid using harsh brushes or scouring pads.

Reconditioning your cookware

Regular cleaning with detergents can dissolve the natural oil on the surface of the pan. If after multiple uses you find that the non-stick surface quality has decreased, you can recondition the pan. To recondition the pan follow the steps above under the heading ‘before using’.


The Healthy Everyday range gives you exactly what you need to successfully create everything from a simple breakfast omelette to an indulgent fettuccine carbonara. With a non-stick chemical-free cooking surface you can feel confident when cooking for yourself, your family or friends. Investing in quality cookware allows your skills to shine and ensures years of stress-free cooking.

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  1. Can you put the health pan saute pan 32 cm in the oven . As I don’t know what the knob is made of.

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