Kitchen Tools & Gadgets for a Healthier You

New year, new you:  we've heard it all before. We've made and broken resolutions to get fit, lose weight and eat better. We've signed up for gym memberships, attended yoga classes and slaved away over the stove food preparing for the week ahead only to fall off the wagon by February.

This year, we have decided to recommend some of our favourite kitchen tools, gadgets and appliances that help make sticking to your healthy 2018 food resolutions a little easier.

Big Bottle Co Drink Bottles

As the name suggests, it is a Big Bottle with a very generous capacity of 2.2 litres which allows you to achieve your required daily intake of water. By keeping the bottle on your desk, without even trying you will be drinking more water. Finish once of these and you have reached your goal water intake for the day. Easy peasy.

Breville Avance HealthSmart 3 Tier Food Steamer

reate healthy and tasty meals at home with the Breville Avance HealthSmart 3 Tier Food Steamer. Three stackable tiers allow you to steam multiple foods at once for a complete meal. Steaming food with the Breville Avance HealthSmart 3 Tier Food Steamer will help keep nutrients and flavour in your food and a keep warm setting will help you with timing.

Baccarat Pete Evans Healthy Everyday Super Spiraliser

The Baccarate Pete Evans healthy everyday super spiraliser is a 3 in 1 fruit and vegetable spiraliser. Create 3 different kinds of spirals with 3 blades including vegetable noodles, shoestrings and flat accordion spirals. Make the switch from pasta to zucchini noodles for an easy healthy substitute.

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center Blender

The Vitamix Blender Total Nutrition Center Black can effortlessly blend up even the toughest of foods thanks to its innovative, hard-wearing, patented design. You can blend medium to large batches of anything from soups and sauces, to frozen desserts, smoothies and more. Blending your fruit and vegetables for your morning smoothie have never been easier.

Chef’n Flexicado Avocado Slicer

Salads can be a lot of hard work to prepare. The Chef’n Flexicado Avocado Slicer is a cinch to use – simply use a firm scooping motion from one end through the other end of the avocado half, and you’ll have perfect slices.

Scullery Fresh Prep Salad Spinner

Another great tool for preparing salads.The salad spinner features an easy to use retractable cord with an in-built handle for convenient storage.Best of all, once you finish spinning your salad, the bowl can double as a salad bowl.

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