Introducing Carrol Boyes to House

Do you love stylish homewares that will make your guest gush when they come to your home? Or perhaps you have a special occasional, such as a birthday or wedding coming up and you’re stuck on gift ideas?

Carrol Boyes is a South African artist and designer, who includes unique designs and images on her homeware. We are excited to announce that her homeware collection is now LIVE at

Her collection includes the perfect synthesis between art and functionality. Boyes draws her inspiration from the human form and the beauty of nature.

The Carrol Boyes featured products that House loves, includes:

Carrol Boyes Recipe Bookstand ‘What’s Cooking’:

Is your kitchen cluttered with cookbooks? Check out Carrol Boyes Recipe Bookstand ‘What’s Cooking’. It’s the perfect gift for that wiz cook. This recipe bookstand is designed in South Africa and has a beautiful chrome plated alloy, which is hand finished to a gorgeous sheen. Additional features include, a human figure that hold your pages open. This is the perfect organiser for all your recipes and books! Now cooking won’t have to be a disorganised nightmare, you’ll be able to find every recipe in one place.

Carrol Boyes Salt & Pepper Set Woman/Man

Looking for stylish new homeware that will leave your guests talking even after dinner is finished? Carrol Boyes salt and pepper set woman/man makes for the perfect addition to your homeware collection or for a gorgeous gift. These shakers are stainless steel and are designed in South Africa. They are hand finished to perfection and will add a fun touch of seasoning to your meal.

Teapot, sugar bowl + milk jug:

The Carrol Boyes Milk Jug Man is a fun addition to your homeware. The handle is elegantly designed in the shape of a man’s body, a stand out feature. It’s made from stainless steel and designed in South Africa. Also available in this range is a matching man teapot and sugar bowl. These items will add a stylish statement to your homeware tea and coffee collection.

Visit the House website to check out the rest of her range today!


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