Interior Inspiration: Cosy Winter Living

Winter is here and pretty soon it will be time to get out your warm woolen coats and scarfs. It's also time to get your home prepared for the colder months ahead. One of the best things about Winter is snuggling up near the fireplace with a good book and enjoying a delicious hot chocolate. Get your home prepared with our tips, tricks, inspiration and our best Winter accessories picks from the House Online store.

Add Textured Throw Rugs and Blankets,

Throw RugsImages 1/2

Adding velvety and woolen textures is the perfect way to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your house. Throw rugs can help soften the  hard lines of your furniture and are a great way to warm up during the Winter. Here are some of our favourite textures throw rugs and blankets from the House Online store.
Killarney Mink BlanketsKillarney Linen Alaskan Mink Blankets 
The Killarney Linen Alaskan Mink Blankets are perfect for snuggling up with on a chilly night, ideal for draping over a bed or using as a blanket for your couch. Made with extra soft microfiber polyester, you will be able to keep warm on those frosty nights.Blankets 1From Left to Right: One Duck Two Pom Pom Throw Rug | Salt & Pepper Mason Throw Rug | Bas Phillips Regatta Single Blanket White
These throw rugs are perfect for keeping warm and will add some style to your home. These neutral colours will easily blend with your existing furniture and remain in style for many more years.

Layer Up The Pillows

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Pill on the pillows to create a warm atmosphere! Even if it is freezing outside, the layering of different textures and fabrics can create a cosy effect. Here are some of our favourite pillows to layer up with – all available at House Online.

Pilows 1From Left To Right: Salt & Pepper Maison Cushion Beige | One Duck Two Cheetah Cushion | Salt & Pepper Maison Zig Zag Cushion
Mix and match these cushions to update your home for winter. These cushions will add a softness to your home and bring in style, comfort and warmth.

Add a Pop of Colour

ColourImages 1/2 

Just because it’s Winter doesn’t mean your house has to look dreary and boring. Add a pop of colour to soften your home and brighten up the room.
Colour 2From Left To Right: Killarney Linen Pebble Weave Blanket in Coral | Salt & Pepper Maison Cushion Yellow | Salt & Pepper Maison Rug Red
Add these items on your couches or bed to add a pop of colour in your home. You could use several colourful items, or use one item as a featured piece.

Colour3From Left To Right: Salt & Pepper Maison Blue Throw Rug | Salt & Pepper Maison Cushion Blue | Salt & Pepper Alfresco Hurricane Candle|
Alternatively, you could stick to one colour and add several pieces of that shade in your home for a coordinated look. Add in a candle to create ambiance and warmth to your home.

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