The Interior Design Trends You Should Expect to See in 2018

2018 is here which means a whole new set of design trends! 2018 will be an exciting year in the world of interior decorating. New colours will sweep in, breathing fresh air to old spaces and revitalising stale homes. So keep your eyes peeled! Here are some of our favourite picks for 2018 interior trends.
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Colour Brights

2017 saw the right of muted colours. This year brighter colours are going to make a comeback. This can be seen with the 2018 Pantone colour of the year ‘Ultra Violet’
Use richer hues around your home for a dramatic pop of colour. Best of all this trend can be paired with your desaturated colour scheme and still work great!

Dark Wood

While the blonde wood has seen popularity over the past few years thanks to the Scandinavian decor trend, earthy tones are dark woods will be making a comeback in 2018. We are seeing more furniture stores introduce dark wooden furniture into the mix

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While florals have been around for a while, this year we will see the trend in a new light. Experts predict the trend will be seen in exaggerating proportions. Expect even more interpretations of overscaled floral patterns, in high-contrast colours, in 2018.


Rose Gold was one of 2017 most loved trends. This year we will see a return to more earthy tones and less less rose gold accents and more copper. The good news copper is a classic metal, so it will hold up for years to come.


Millennial Pink

We saw a lot of the Millennial Pink last year. In 2018 the trend will be sticking round. In Fact, you will likely see it in new and creative ways mixed throughout the home.

Vintage lighting

A trend that is making its way back in 2018 is vintage lighting. You may be shocked to learn we will be seeing less of the exposes bulb and more of vintage pendants, sconces and chandeliers.


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