How To: Care For Your Knives – Our Top 8 Tips!

A great kitchen knife will provide you with a superior chopping experience making it easier to cook and prepare all your favourite meals. A kitchen knife is no ordinary kitchen utensil, it is like your right hand man in the kitchen. So, it's very important to treat your knives with the utmost care.

Treat your blade right and you will notice the difference in your cooking.

Our Top 8 Tips when Caring for Your Knives

1. Hand Wash When Possible
When possible, hand wash your knives. Dishwashers may be more convenient but the hot temperatures and chemicals from a dishwasher can sometimes ruin the quality of the blade.

2. Avoid Detergents with Chlorine
Avoid harsh detergents that contain Chlorine as this can cause corrosion of the blade steel.

3. Use a Wooden or Plastic Cutting Board
Don’t cut on your counter tops! Surfaces like marble and granite are too hard for knives blades. Stick to wooden or plastic cutting boards as they’re the gentlest on your knives.Chopping BaordsFrom Left To Right: Ambrosia Casabel Round Wooden Chopping Board | Salt & Pepper Loft Medium Chopping Board | Baccarat Ultrafresh Green Chopping Board

4. Wash your Knives with a Soft Sponge & Mild Detergent
This will allow for a deeper clean than a dishcloth

5. Rinse your Knife after cutting Acidic Fruit & Vegetables
After cutting acidic fruit and vegetables e.g lemons, oranges & tomatoes – Rinse your knife immediately after use.

6. Keep your knifes sharp with Sharpeners & Whetstones
Not only do sharp knives makes slicing tomatoes and dicing onions ALOT easier, a dull knife can actually be quite dangerous. When your knife starts to get dull use a Sharpener or Whetstone. Knife Sharpeners will ensure that your knife collection is always kept in top condition with razor sharp blades, ready to slice and dice at a moments notice.SharpnersFrom Left To Right: Wusthof Ceramic Pull-Through Sharpener | Baccarat Cuisine Pro Diamond Ceramic Knife Sharpener | Baccarat iD3 3 Step Knife Sharpener

7. Don’t let your Knives Drip Dry
After washing, fully dry with a clean cloth and no not store unless knives are completely dry. Knives are rust resistant but not rust proof. Dry your knife immediately after washing to prevent any moulds from forming.

8. Don’t Store Your Knives in the Utensils Drawer
Storing your knives mixed in with other utensils can easily scratch the blades from being jostled around in the drawer each time it is opened. If you don’t have anywhere to put your knifes consider other storage options.HIM-1026075This Soffritto Universal Knife Block allows you to store and access a range of knives. Unlike other knife blocks that accommodate only selected knives that come with the set, the Soffritto Universal Knife Block will hold a wide range of knives from different brands and allow for secure and safe storage. Even better, the Soffritto Universal Knife Block contains fine straws that will keep your blades sharp.

Our Top Picks for Quality Knife Blocks

Knife Blocks

From Left To Right: 1.) Baccarat Daisho 7 Piece Knife Block $99.99 2.) Baccarat Sabre Knife Block 14 Piece $139.99 3.) Baccarat iD2 7 Piece Knife Block $199.99 4.) Salt & Pepper Metro Knife Block Set of 6 $74.95 5.) Jamie Oliver 6 Piece Knife Set $199.95 6.) Maxwell & Williams Slice Dice Knife Stand Set of 6 $29.95

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