The Essential Beach Packing Checklist ✔

Headed to the beach this Summer? Use our essential beach packing checklist to help ensure you have everything you will need for a relaxed beach getaway. Whether you are going to the beach for the day, taking a weekend away going on a road trip, this list is for you. Arrive fully prepared, reduce stress and save money by bringing everything you need with you!

Beach Essentials

✔ Towels
✔ Bathers
✔ Clothes to change into
✔ Sunscreen with a high SPF
✔ Hat
✔ Sunglasses
✔ Beach bag or tote
✔ Insect Repellent
✔ Deodorant
✔ Band-Aids
✔ Water Bottle
✔ Sandals/Flip Flops
✔ Sun Umbrella or small tent
✔ Fan to keep cool

Odyssey Living Round Beach Towels

Beach Dining

Outdoor tableware
Outdoor glassware
✔ Portable BBQ
✔ Snacks

Sunnylife Outdoor Tableware

Picnic Rug
Cooler Bag for Drinks & food
✔ Eskie

Packit Freezable Picnic Bag Gingham

Beach Fun

Portable Radio
✔ Camera
✔ Beach-reading
✔ Outdoor sports
✔ Snorkel
✔ Water Guns
✔ Board or Surf Board

SunnyLife Luxe Lie on Inflatables

Other Travel Essentials

✔ Printed directions, maps, or a GPS navigation device
✔ First Aid Kit
✔ Things to keep the kids entertained in the car
✔ Photo ID
✔ Travel blanket and pillow for the ride home

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