Choosing The Right Rug For Your Room

Rugs are the perfect way to finish a room. Adding a rug to your floors has the ability to add colour, texture, and pattern to your home, and for winter they are the perfect way to inject instant warmth into a room. With so many different materials, sizes and style of rugs it can sometimes to difficult to get right. that's why we have put together all the need-to-know details when it comes to choosing the right rug

Placement and Sizing

Not sure what rug is the right size for your space? Front Door Furniture have put together a quick guide to break down the essentials to help you find the perfect fit.Rug-Placement-GuideImage: Front Door Furniture 

A great way to see if a rug will work in your room before making a purchase is to use painters tape on the floor to show the size of the rug around the furniture.

What Rug To Buy?

flatweaveFlat weave rugs have become a popular option as they are relatively affordable, come in an array of bold colours and patterns, and are incredibly durable. As they are so flat with zero pile, they can slide into any space easily.  The low pile design that benefits allergy suffers. flatweave2From left to right: Rug Culture Zigga Flat Weave Rug Blue 225 x 155cm | Rug Culture Shiva Stunning Silver Grey Diamond Wool Rug 225 x 155cm | Rug Culture Aria Grey Modern Flat Weave Rug 225 x 155cm

Round RugsWhile rectangle and square rugs may be more traditional, round rugs can add a contemporary twist to your space. A round rug can help soften the angles of a room and unlike square and rectangle rugs, round rugs are more forgiving with sizes and proportions.
rugs round2Rug Culture Natural Round Jute Rugs Natural | Pink | Black – all available at House Online

ATR-POLO-SILVER-BLUE-1Rug Culture Round Jute Rug Silver Blue – Available at House Online

Round rugs will work great in smaller spaces as they can help introduce diversity and depth. While round coffee tables and dining tables will look great with any shaped rug, pairing a round rug and round furniture can creation a visual harmony in your space.

woolrugsWool is a great option for rugs due to its incredible durability. This natural resilience also keeps the rug looking new and fresh for longer periods of time. Wool has a natural ability to revisit staining and soiling. It’s so good at resisting stains because of the natural light lanolin that coats the surface of the wool. This coating helps stop dirt and stains from getting deep into the wool leaving any soiling on or near the surface. This is why Wool Rugs are great for dining rooms or kitchens.modernrugs2From Left to Right: Rug Culture Carlos Felted Wool Rug Multi Natural 280 x 190cm | Rug Culture Oslo Stripe Flat Weave Wool Rug White 225 x 155cm | Rug Culture Shiva Stunning Silver Grey Diamond Wool Rug 225 x 155cm

Another benefit of Wool rugs is that it is vibrant when dyed as it accepts and hold colour really well. So there is a huge variance in colour possibility with wool.

modern rugsmodernrug2From Left to Right: Rug Culture Indoor Outdoor Bedrock Rug Blue Citrus Grey 290 x 200cm | Rug Culture Indoor Outdoor Zig Zag Rug Grey 290 x 200cm | Rug Culture Indoor Outdoor Morocco Rug Peacock Blue 330 x 240cm
Modern rugs
Images: My domaine home | The High Boy

shag rugsThe texture of shag rugs will help to achieve a warm comfortable feeling. When paired with traditional furniture it can soften a look of a room to make it feel more inviting.
SHAG RUGS2From Left to Right: Rug Culture Thick Soft Polar Shag Rug Plum 290 x 200cm |Rug Culture Thick Soft Polar Shag Rug Anthracite 230 x 160cm |Rug Culture Ultra Thick Super Soft Shag Rug Grey 170 x 120cm

shag featureRug Culture Ultra Thick Shag Rug Grey – Available at House Online

Shag rugs are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms and for homes with hard wood floors. They will keep your feet warm and could also help protect your wood floors from scratches while looking fashionable. Avoid using shag rugs in bathrooms or dining rooms as the fluffy texture may be damaged from water and it is more difficult to vacuum crumbs from shag rugs.persianrugsPersian Rugs can dramatically change a look in a room. No matter whatNo matter what its colour, scale, origin or pattern is, a good-quality Oriental rug never goes out of style, and it works with just about any design scheme.persianrugs2From Left to Right: Rug Culture Stunning Formal Oriental Design Rug Black 170 x 120cm | Rug Culture Stunning Formal Oriental Design Rug Red 400 x 80cm | Rug Culture Stunning Formal Floral Design Rug Black 170 x 120cm | Rug Culture Stunning Formal Floral Design Rug Cream 330 x 240cmpersian rugs exampleImages: Mix & Chic | HonestlyWTF

naturalfibreNatural Fibre Rugs complement a variety of decor styles and are often featured in contemporary and coastal hubs. Their classic look and timeless palette is easy to work with and can add visual warmth and texture to a room. naturalfibre2From left to right: Rug Culture Natural Fiber Basket Weave Rug 270 x 180cm | Rug Culture Round Jute Natural Rug Yellow 150 x 150cm | Rug Culture Chunky Natural Fiber Cable Rug 220 x 150cm | Rug Culture Natural Sisal Rug Boucle Charcoal 300 x 80cm

Natural fibre rugs are versatile and look great dressed up, dressed down, or layered for a relaxed look.
naturalfibrerugsdemFrom Left to right: Vogue | Myparadissi

Kids rugskidsrugs2From Left to right: Rug Culture Modern Diamonds Kids Rug Blue Green 165 x 115cm | Rug Culture Floral Patterned Pink Kids Rug 165 x 115cm | Rug Culture World Map Kids Rug Blue 220 x 150cm

KA-131-BLUE_1Rug Culture Nautical Anchors Kids Rug – Available from House Online

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