8 DIY Ideas for the Home

Find yourself bored on a rainy day? Get your creative juices flowing with 8 DIY ideas!

DIY Colourful Bath Shelf

This DIY by the Whimsical Wife is perfect to create as a gift for Mother’s Day gift or a gift for yourself. Who wouldn’t want to one of these shelves in their bath filled with a favourite book, a little chocolate and a favourite cup of tea! (or wine) This shelf is simple to make and only requires a handful of things to put together!

DIY Triangle Boom Ends

Have spare bits of timber floating around? Use these off cuts to create a stylish way to house your books. This DIY by Make & Tell is very easy and can be a great gift!

Make Your Own Macrame Curtain

This DIY curtain by A Beautiful Mess will add interest and texture to your home. Using only thin ropes you too can recreate this curtain to jazz up your space!

Gold Animal Topped Jars

Got any old mason or jam jars lying around the house? This DIY by Bargon Style is perfect for storing beauty items, office supplies and more. This DIY is simple but is super effective.

Light bulb Flower Vase

With little effort you can turn your old light bulbs into a cool minimature flower vase.
See the full instructions here.

Wine Cork Bath Mat

This DIY from Craftyness requires just three materials, shelf liner, hot glue and wine corks. The corks will feel great on your bare feet, plus it goes great with a natural colour palette bathroom.

Chalkboard & Wook Serving Tray

This fun serving board by Shanty 2 Chic is great for entertaining, centerpieces and will make a great gift. The chalkboard center is perfect for cheese boards so you can write down the various varieties of cheese.

Marble Dipped Mugs

This DIY from The Sweetest Occasion is an easy inexpensive DIY that is great for gifts or to make a statement in your home. Use your favourite colour nail polish and a basic white mug to create this DIY.

Chunky Knit Blanket

How warm and cozy does this Chunky Knife blanket look? If your stuck indoors on a cold day, this DIY is the perfect project for you and only takes one person and less then one hour.
Get instructions here

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