6 Types of Glasses to Complement your Beer

Thanks to the craft beer revival, there is a wide variety of beer glasses to choose from. Each glass has their unique characteristics. Some glassware is designed specifically to help preserve the foam head of your beer, while others are designed to help enhance the colours of your brew. As you expand your palette, diversifying your glassware can be fun too. Read on to learn which type of beer glass is right for your preferred pour.

Beer Mug

The old trusty beer mug. The beer mug is robust and can hold a large amount of beet. It features a wide cylindrical shape with a handle on the side. The thick glass helps insulate your brew and keep it cool
Use with: Low alcohol volume beers.

Goblet Glass

Goblets are one of the most extravagant types of glassware. Unlike pint glasses that hold a specific amount of beer, you can find a variety of sizes of goblets. Goblet glasses have a long thick stem with a bowl sitting on top. Goblets can assist in analysing the overall flavour profile and aromas.
Use with:
Heavy, malty beers such as Belgian ales.

Pilsner Glass

Pilsner is a type of glass that is tall with little to no curvature. Pilsners come in a range of sizes but will generally hold less than a pint. The slender design allows you to appreciate the colours and carbonate bubbles within your beer. The wider top of the glass helps to retain the foam head of your beer.
Use with: Lighter beers like Pilsner

Weizen Glass

Weizen is similar to a pilsner glass but it narrows partway up and is rounded inwards at the top.
Use with: Wheat beers

Pint Glass

The Pint glass is a beer staple. Slightly cone-shapes, widening a bit at the top. An Australian standard pint glass typically holds about 570ml.
Use with: Just about any light beers

Tulip Glass

The Tulip glass is globe shaped at the base and flares out at the opening. A Tulip glass captures aromas, and the widening at the top helps display and retain the head. Tulip glasses usually have a stem helping you to drink cool
Use with: Scottish ales or strong aromatic beers.

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