5 Ways to Organise Your laundry

We all know that doing your laundry is the most mundane chore ever. Why not make it easier with our 7 simple steps to organise your laundry room so you can save space and make your laundry more efficient. Whether your laundry room is a tiny closet of a spacious basement, organisation is key.

1. Make use of wall space

Even if you have a shoebox size laundry, you can have a well organised and decluttered space by making use of the walls. High shelving, cabinets and overhead storage can create a lot more space in your laundry.

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2. Create extra space

 The Umbra Buddy Hanging Hooks will add a pop of colour to your laundry.

If you don’t have a lot of laundry space, look to create extra space using clever storage solutions. Wall hooks are a great way to hang up clothes bound for the dry cleaners or coats ready to be steamed.

Try adding a door rack or over the door organiser. The space behind your door is probably wasted and there is so much that you could do with it when it comes to organizing your laundry room. This will give you loads of storage space to store all your powders, detergents, pegs etc. and will keep them off the floors and counters.
Lastly look at what washer you have? A top loader will need a little more upper space to open your lid while a front loader will give you extra counter space and generally take up less room then top loaders.

3. Invest in a drying Rack

Drying racks will give you plenty of hanging space while folding down into a compact design so you can neatly tuck it away.

From Left to right: Honey-Can-Do Gullwing Heavy-duty Drying RackHoney-Can-Do Tripod Drying RackLeifheit Laundry Capri 100 Laundry Dryer.

4. Categorise according to function and label everything

Organise your items according to function. The quicker things are to find, the quicker your laundry will get done. It goes without saying that labelling will make it easy to find exactly what you need when you need it.

The RetroKitchen Powder & Peg storage perfectly combines style and functionality and is perfect for storing laundry essentials.

5. Keep a loose change jar

Keep a change jar to collect all the spare coins you find in pockets. This could also work for a lost sock jar for if the other pair turns up.

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What are your tips and tricks to keeping your laundry clean and organised?

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