5 Products to Spoil Your Pet!

Indulge your cats and dogs with our Favourite Pet products! There are beautiful beds, terrific toys and plenty of other pet items that make living with your furry buddy an enjoyable and carefree experience. Family is what makes your house a home and we know that pets are a huge part of this.

Mog & Bone Futon

Mog & Bone Futons can also be used as a floor cushion for sleeping or placed on couches so your dog can snuggle up next to you. The 100% cotton printed canvas cover can be easily removed and machine washed for easy maintenance. Filled with a super comfortable polyester cushion your dog will kept warm during the colder month and will sleep soundly each night. The futon comes in a range of colours and sizes.

Hamish McBeth Rollneck Jumper

Keep your doggie warm with the adorable Hamish McBeth Dog Rollneck Jumper. Made from 100% Mongolian pure wool, the roll neck cable knit design make this knitted dog jumper super warm and comfortable for your dog. Featuring a rib edge leg opening and a unique taped design, the Rollneck Jumper allows for easy movement around the legs with a stylish and comfortable fit. The Jumper is available in three different colour.

Kazoo Lookout Window Cat Bed

The Kazoo Lookout Window Cat Bed is such a treat for cats. Cats love finding a good spot in the sun, the Lookout Window Bed can easy be assembled and attached to any window in the house so your cat can enjoy the warmth of the sun and doze out the window.

Melanie Newman Dog Grooming Products

Melanie Newman range of Shampoo, Conditioners and grooming products provides your pup with a clean coat that smells fresh with a natural shine. Trialled and tested in some of Australia’s leading professional grooming salons, the shampoos nourishes and balances the canine skin with optimal coat conditioning and shine.

FuzzYard Shinjuku Cat Scratcher

Who said cat scratches need to be an eye-sore? The FuzzYard Shinjuku Cat Scratcher will look right at home in your lounge or an art gallery. The Shinjuku scratcher is made from light cardboard that’s ideal for giving your cat’s claws a workout but is also durable and made to last. The FuzzYard Shinjuku Cat Scratcher will give your cat hours of entertainment and enjoyment while looking stylish and contemporary in your home.

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