Introducing Carrol Boyes to House

Do you love stylish homewares that will make your guest gush when they come to your home? Or perhaps you have a special occasional, such as a birthday or wedding coming up and you’re stuck on gift ideas? Carrol Boyes is a South African artist and designer, who includes unique designs and images on herRead More

Small Flat Organisation & Decorating Hacks

Small flats and space have their upsides. The rent is often lower, often they are closer to the bustling area of the city, easier to clean, and possess a certain cozy charm. However, on the flip side, small flats have less space to decorate and less space to store which can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, there are some things that can be done to stylishly solve your space problem without upsizing. To get rid of the mess and get the most out of your small space, keep reading.

Christmas Gift Guide

Still after the perfect Christmas gift? While you are busy trying to sort of who’s having Christmas Lunch, decorate your tree, we have put together some of our favourite products from the online store to save you the hassle!